What if you could press pause?


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I have shared with all of you  that for the month of June I am committing to a raw lifestyle.  Contrary to belief, it has not been a challenge.  I am really creating beautiful and tasty dishes.  There are countless recipes available via internet, print and word of mouth. Not to mention, your palette will let you know if the dish is worth saving or not. Thus far, the raw lifestyle has been an awakening experience.

Normally, each night I would pull out my popcorn machine and pop a bowl of popcorn for everyone. Each person would be able to choose their topping and spray with butter (not the healthiest, but tasty topping). I would also brew a pot of tea. Yes, that’s my nightly ritual and one of the things I miss sharing with my guys.

Recently, my son stated that he was going to pop a bowl of popcorn. He then asked if I would partake in the nightly ritual. I had to remind him that I am engaging in a 30-day raw lifestyle. time

He gazed at me with his big, brown eyes and stated, “Can you press pause and have popcorn with me?” I then explained that once you make a commitment you must follow through; otherwise, you were never serious from the start.

His question led me to think, “What if you could press pause?” Too often people complain about not having enough time in the day to accomplish their goals; they wish for a second chance; or they want to do more than is expected.

If you were able to press pause, would the time that stood still count toward your goals? Would you effectively manage the time to do what you want? Would you waste the time because procrastination and lack of discipline are habits that you practice daily?

There are many “what ifs” when it comes to answering, “What if you could press pause?”

In reality, life is full of pause moments. It’s called time management. When you properly plan for a task, sacrifice, stick with it and relish in the moments, you have an opportunity to be successful. The rewards come in due time.


Bahiyah Shabazz is the founder and CEO of both Shabazz Management Group and Fabulous & Money Savvy. She has appeared and given financial advice on various media outlets, and is the author of Women Building Wealth.

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Bahiyah Shabazz is one of the nation’s leading financial experts on the art of maximizing your growth. She's a wealth building expert, author, speaker, financial advocate, magazine and online columnist.

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