Stockton’s plan to help city pay pensions backfired

Another decision has gone south. The officials of Stockton, Calif., reviewed the advantage of selling its pension obligation bonds. Someone didn’t bother to look into all the facts while researching the possibilities. When you handle the retirement funds of others it’s important to be prudent and cautious about the decisions.

Creating and using a budget

When most think of the word “Budget” they have images of confinement and withdrawal from society. On the contrary, budgets are useful when getting yourself on track and securing your personal finances. If you want to get your financial house in order a budget is the way to go.

Home prices lowest in 10 years

Everything happens in cycles. We’ve seen platforms, bell bottoms, big hair and MOD eyelashes return. So there’s no surprise that home prices are once again dropping. Before you get too excited let’s recap what happened during this time a decade ago.

Mistakes that can hurt your credit score

If more consumers were well informed about their financial habits the world would be a better place. If not better, there would be less bankruptcies filed. There’s a lesson learned in everything one does. Even better than learning the lesson is teaching others to avoid the same mistakes.

Small businesses are adding jobs

As the job market seems dreadful to most, small businesses are adding to the market. If you were wondering where or how you were going to receive your next paycheck…have no fear, small businesses are near. It seems that the U.S. economy is pulling itself up by the bootstraps of businesses other than Corporate America.

Lack of job growth remains consistent

A person always knows where he or she came from, but can never tell where one will end. The lack of job growth has been a stormy cloud over the heads of optimistic consumers. It’s not only the lack of adding new employment, but the lack of raises, inflated interest and lower credit limits.

Don’t abuse your credit

Is your credit more than your collateral? This is a pertinent question. The answer to this question is why the economy is in its current state. Too many of individuals & businesses eyes were bigger than its pockets. Credit is great when it isn’t abused… Can you remember a time when you went to a…

Do you have hidden misconceptions?

Do others have misconceptions about you? Personality Attitude Behavior Likes/Dislikes Do you have [hidden] misconceptions about yourself? What I mean by hidden misconceptions is your inability to believe you are capable of fulfilling your dreams. Let’s begin with the current recession state. Many have programmed their minds to submit to the definition of recession. Recession…

Black Friday Is For Shopping Ninjas

Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA Economists have been watching the numbers since before the Great Recession.  The graph looks live a Six Flags roller coaster with a yellow traffic light…proceed with caution.  Consumers have been reluctant to spend money in fear of what tomorrow will bring. The day after Thanksgiving is a shopping Olympics for many.  Everyone wants the…