Stop comparing your lifestyle to others


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Seven-three percent of Americans are stressed due to financial concerns. Times are no longer as they were before. Families are overlooking the necessities of life. Instead of focusing on shelter, food, and clothing, many are spending extra money to impress others. During the Great Recession, we were able to see how the economy was influenced by the unnecessary purchases in households.

More Americans are worried about money than in the past few years, and the stress is taking a physical toll, an annual survey finds.

During birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays many overlook bills in order to purchase gifts to make someone happy while sacrificing their personal needs. Life can be simple if you learn to find joy in the smaller things in life. Pace yourself with your finances and learn to put YOUR needs before someone else’s WANTS.

There’s nothing joyful about living in debt!


One of the many reasons adults are stressed is because they compare their life to others. Quite often, you will hear, “How can she afford that? I want one too.” STOP worrying about what and how others are able to afford a lifestyle and BEGIN focusing on the lifestyle that is suitable for you.

Although you see a BMW parked in front of a house it doesn’t mean the person is fulfilled. The fridge and cabinets could be bare,and the utilities are past due, all because the person wants to portray a “rich” lifestyle to others.

Think of your lifestyle as a tailor made suit. It only suits you and no one else. Live your life as you see fit and not to keep up with others.

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6 Comments on Stop comparing your lifestyle to others

  1. So true! People need to stop caring what others think – live below their means and be HAPPY with what they have at this part of their journey. The more ‘things’ someone has, the less fulfilled I think they are to be honest. Seems like the happiest people I have ever met have been ones with not a lot on the material front, and the unhappiest and spiritually ugliest have been the ones that ‘have it all’ on the outside! good post 🙂

    • Thanks! You hit it on the head…”envy” and may I add jealousy. There’s no need to be envious of anyone, there’s enough to go around. Unfortunately, people are collecting too much, which is resulting in debt.

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