Plant a seed, reap a harvest


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Women are such nurturing people. Women take care of the household, workplace and community.  They are the last on the totem pole for taking care of one’s needs.  During March Women’s Month it’s time to discuss how to move forward and empower.

It’s important to know the way you handle one situation is the way you handle many.  There is no such possibility as excelling AND failing.  You do either one or the other in whatever you deliver. Many women are failing themselves.  It’s possible to give yourself completely to others while neglecting yourself. When you neglect yourself, you are neglecting those surrounding by you.

The time has come to plant your self-reliance seed.  This seed will nourish your being, finances and dreams. As you come to realize and accept the possibilities, you begin to flourish.

Begin your journey by taking charge and pampering yourself.  Women deserve to be pampered.  Once you feel (inner and outer) beauty you become radiant as it is demonstrated and shared with others.  Your self-esteem will boost through the roof as you learn to give yourself to others with limitation.  Knowing when to deliver a “no” will get you further in your harvest.

Bust the money myth that you have to make a lot of money to save a lot of money.  Women budget for the household by assisting in household payments, grocery budget and family functions.  It’s time to regard what can be eliminated from a daily routine to save for an unforeseen storm during the harvest.

When you take $2 daily X five days per week X 52 weeks per year = $520.00.  That’s $520.00 in one year that you never thought otherwise was capable.  It’s possible to start somewhere. Remember, a planted seed has to go through a transformation just as your harvest does as well.

Another situation is love and money.  It can coexist and be successful.  Keep the lines of communication open and express to your partner what you need. Discuss your finances and continue to demonstrate love for each other.

Empower your thoughts, attitude and being to be successful.  Each step taken is a step to have a full harvest.  Plant your seeds, nurture your field and blossom into something beautiful.

“Love yourself enough to support yourself.”

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Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

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Bahiyah Shabazz is one of the nation’s leading financial experts on the art of maximizing your growth. She's a wealth building expert, author, speaker, financial advocate, magazine and online columnist.

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