National Moon Day: Take a moment for yourself


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”I’m a little crabby today, no not because of anything in particular, although the tragedies around the globe recently have shook me up as I’m sure it has with many of us, we want to send out love, light, prayers of support & comfort to those affected.

My crabby nature stems from the full moon being present as a Cancerian, it can be a time which can cause slight drowsiness, with all the energies this powerful and divinely beautiful moon emits for those of us who are sensitive and ruled by it, it’s not an uncommon occurrence.

On the upside however, this week marks the annual NATIONAL MOON DAY.

National Moon3

47 years ago on the 20th July 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon. He was an American Astronaut who famously quoted “One small step a for man, one big leap for mankind”.

Accompanied on Apollo 11 with Neil was Buzz Aldrin, who reached the seemingly unreachable goal of walking on the moon, how cool is that?

How are you, our lovely FABULOUS AND MONEY SAVVY readers planning on celebrating NATIONAL MOON DAY?

I have a bit of a confession to make.  Ironically, I have never in my life ever actually celebrated the 20th July before. For the purpose of honoring this awesome occasion of the moon landing and these two great men who got to do what many of us wish we could do. As Brit it’s not such a patriotic time.

And please, enjoy this week, honor the moon with all it’s splendid glory.

I shall perhaps walk barefoot outside at night and recharge myself becoming one with what I am ruled by, or take the time to observe the moon deeply, meditate and pray for improved world conditions as well as make a personal prayer.

We at Fabulous and Money Savvy love you all.
Have a great NATIONAL MOON DAY  (20th JULY 2016)
Apollo, Neil and Buzz WE SALUTE YOU.”

We at Fabulous and Money Savvy would love to see and hear about how you are celebrating


About Patrice White 3 Articles
Patrice White is a British writer embarking on career change after being a full time caregiver. She enjoys writing creative children stories about loss & grief while sharing her personal journey, sci-fi and entrepreneurship. She is the Women Entrepreneurship Contributor for FMS Magazine.

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