Money habits: Set your short term goals


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April is Financial Literacy Month

Day 19, set two clear short term goals. Do you remember the last week of the year? That’s the time when people set their many New Year’s Resolutions only to overwhelm themselves. It’s not uncommon for people to have up to ten goals. What’s wrong with this picture? I will tell you; If you focus on too many things you will lose focus.

Today, you will set two short term goals. When setting your short term goals that has a time bound to accomplish of less than six months, you will be concise and optimistic.

Identify what is realistic! You wouldn’t expect to run a marathon in one month. Your short term goals are actually designed to fulfill your long term goals. However, the short term is broken down to reinforce your beliefs and give you motivation.

Something to think about…

The summer is a time to save a little change. Create a clear short term goal, “I will save $35 every two weeks from my paycheck for three months and I will save all my loose change for three months by putting in a jar then deposit into my saving account at the end of the three months”. Now you have a set goal, dates and actions to hold you accountable. Then it’s time to pull out your calendar to schedule dates to check-in.

Keep in mind these three points when accomplishing your goals:

  1. Take manageable steps. You can’t expect to win the race in one run.  It will take many failures to accomplish your success.  The change of mindset will allow an upward transition in your relationships, finances and education.
  2. Know what you are seeking. Whether it’s to pay off your debt, find your soul mate, open a business, save for a trip, etc. In order to get where you are going, you have to be conclusive in where that destination lies.
  3. Never give up. Plain and simple. Each objection is negated with a solution.

Always remember that your goals are able to be accomplished,even when you can’t see the finish line.


Credit: Bahiyah Shabazz
Credit: Bahiyah Shabazz



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