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Woman Entrepreneurs is a category I am working hard to be placed in.

I don’t generally like to be placed in boxes, but that is a pretty awesome box to be in.

As an aspiring entrepreneur freshly in the middle of embarking on a drastic career change, I feel it is important to pay tribute to those girls and women before me and those who are on a similar journey.

Let me start by giving you a background story about myself.

I was a fulltime career caregiver for both my mother and grandmother until 2015 when they died within a few months of each other. As you can imagine, this was devastating to say the least, really shook me up in more ways than one.

Along with the loss of my maternal lineage, I also lost the family home that I had grown up in for about 24 years. I then became homeless and seemed to be helpless too. Of course I had the support of family and friends, but it still didn’t change the fact that my life had been turned upside down as I knew it.

After being homeless for a short while I was blessed with a small apartment. I then began to wonder what to do next? Oh boy, that topic was something to think about!

I went from being a full time caregiver, having a routine, to confusion about life. During the same time there were many opportunities presented to me.

The opportunities were exciting, yet also a frightening time. To help cope with my grief I started volunteering and working in placement programs that were provided and subsidized by the British Government. The programs aid in helping jobseekers gain fresh skills, confidence and references to add to your resume.

I worked in an office as an administrative assistant and a library assistant clerk. Both of which I really liked working. It was a lovely, new working experience.

I was eventually hired at another job working as a kitchen assistant/porter and waitress in an assisted living home. The problem with this position was that it was too close to home to what I had already done as a caregiver. Due to the overwhelming sentiments, I resigned.maya-success

I was back to job hunting and wasn’t being selected for many interviews. The lack of calls were getting me really down. I then became depressed and hopeless again. One day, I received a phone call from a British based marketing company inviting to come along and join the sales team. The job involved sales pitches and field based travel to households to get them to switch to the company’s product(s).

Initially it seemed exciting. I was with a young, eager and hungry team. I was tenacious to succeed in sales, which was different from anything I had been involved in the past.

My manager was younger by 5 years, which was a shock. I believed that I should have been in a management position, so I began to think about my passion. I then recalled the times of volunteering, charity work and support services in the community. The thoughts encouraged me to network and attend multiple fundraising events. I was invited to work in conjunction with some of these organizations more closely even to be invited to be a part of a short film documentary in London about the Blood Disorder Sickle Cell in London.

During this time, I also realized my passion for blogging and creative story writing. Since then, I have been writing regular articles for blogs, columns and social media.

I have also setup and moderate a Facebook support group page for former caregivers such as myself, because I noticed there was not a lot of support out there for current caregivers whose responsibilities have ended.

Then it hit me, why not create a support services hub or forum for this particular specialist niche? To compare the success of my colleagues who are eager and passionate about sales, I am the same way about entrepreneurship and writing. My passion also includes becoming a published author and motivational speaker on TED.

I can tell you this is such an exciting time in my life. I’ve also been introduced to the idea of casual modelling. Thanks to a complete stranger who suggested I also tap into this for income.

Recently, I was so proud of myself because I signed up to a freelance writer website, which allows me to further my career at the age of 27. This feels so amazing!

After losing so much control with the passing of my relatives and losing my home, I really feel that I am finding my direction. I enjoy having my hands dipped in a few projects that are working wisely and flexible. I still keep up with the status quo in order to meet the conditions of the British Government work program.

However, I know that I want to work for myself and give others opportunities!

As I said at the beginning of writing this article I’d like to speak to the girls and women.

I feel that you have inspired me to take the following step.

I think about Kimora Lee, The Kardashians/Jenners and even the first female African-British sci-fi author Tosin Cocker. Tosin is my mentor who has the same blood disorder that my late mother suffered from. It’s actually how I discovered her. I was searching on google for black businesses to apply for employment. Her website and Youtube channel popped in the search. I noticed her talking about her experiences as a writer, radio host and Vlogger. Tosin also discussed her blood condition and what keeps her going despite her setbacks.

More personal to me is my actually aunt, mother’s sister. To me, she is a fighter, go getter, scholar with letters after her name and is very Intelligent and successful in her own right. She has been my biggest cheerleader. When I told her about my career vision she was genuinely excited. Excitement from others has been something hard to come by since people were not actually as supportive and also pressured me to go down a route that did not actually make me feel passionate as much as writing content and creating my support services.

I have to say that none of my ventures have me rolling around in money at the moment, just yet. For me, I don’t think money is the main reason why I am following my calling. I have faith in hard work, myself, God and support from mentors who have been in this position. I think that I’ll be just fine. Not to mention, if my mother and grandmother were to see me, who I am becoming and what I am doing, they would be proud of me on my Journey to Success.



How are you walking on your journey to success? Please comment below. 



About Patrice White 3 Articles
Patrice White is a British writer embarking on career change after being a full time caregiver. She enjoys writing creative children stories about loss & grief while sharing her personal journey, sci-fi and entrepreneurship. She is the Women Entrepreneurship Contributor for FMS Magazine.

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