How to continue your New Year’s Resolution


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Every year we tend to make New Year’s Resolutions.  According to the University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology research, some of the top resolutions usually include Weight Loss.  We have just completed one month in the New Year.  Are you still working on your resolutions?goals

If you are still working towards your goal, Congratulations!!  Studies show that by the end of January, 1 out of every 3 individuals have stopped progress toward their goal because they are too busy or are not fully committed to their goals in the first place.  This study also states that 64% of people don’t make it past one month.  That is a high percentage! If you have abandoned your resolution, let’s discuss.

When people have resolved to lose weight as their resolution, the goal is often to lose a specific number of pounds or to have an exercise plan in place.  The first couple weeks are exciting and they feel accomplished.  But by the end of the month something has disrupted their schedule or they have not seen the expected results.  Discouragement sets in and they stop.  But if you have been there, you must assess whether or not you are committed to your goal.   Also, figure out what other steps need to be taken to get the results you expect.  Here are a few questions to consider:

  1. Did I set realistic goals? Oftentimes our goals are vague and not specific enough. (i.e. ‘I want to lose 20 lbs’, instead of ‘I want to lose 5lbs every week until I reach losing my 20lb goal.’)
  2. Where can I fit this goal into my schedule? This is important because it allows you to set a time and stick to it.  Don’t allow anyone or anything to disrupt this time for you.
  3. Am I committed? If this is what you really want to accomplish you have to commit to get it done.
  4. Should I seek help with my goals? If you are not losing the weight, maybe it’s time to consult with a health and wellness advisor.  They can help you discover where your weaknesses are and create a better plan that will help you remain faithful to weight loss goals.
  5. How important is this goal to me? If this goal is a priority, you will find a way to make sure you do what is necessary to accomplish it.

Even after you have re-assessed your goals and you need to make some adjustments, think of it as being more of a lifestyle change and commit to add it to your daily living.  No more weight loss resolutions!

Also, remember that these are your goals and nothing should be able to distract you from achieving them.  If you set specific and realistic goals, make time in your schedule, commit, seek help if needed, and set as one of your priorities, nothing will stand in your way!



Tonisha Brown is a wife, mother of three, and the founder of Living in Abundance where she believes in bridging families together through fitness and finance.

About Tonisha Brown 9 Articles
Tonisha Brown is a wife and mother, and the founder of Living in Abundance where she believes in bridging families together through fitness and finance.
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