Get the toxins out of managing your money


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Bahiyah Shabazz wrote a new book…yes, I wrote another book!!!!!

Spending cleanse: Clean up your finances in 5 days

Spending Cleanse_cover

Whenever a person engages in a fast he releases the toxins from his body.  Soon afterwards, he receives clarity and can accurately access his plans and future. The New Year is quickly approaching and there are many of you who will have resolutions.

Although resolutions have worked for some, more often, it’s broken before the end of the first quarter. I want you to start thinking about creating goals and how you can change your behavior toward your financial outlook. 

Why wait until tomorrow? Goals begin when you are tired of your current state. There’s no need to hold off releasing yourself from financial bondage.

I wrote, Spending cleanse: Clean up your finances in 5 days, with you in mind.

Spending cleanse: Clean up your finances in 5 days is an Ebook designed to give you the tools to acknowledge your needs over wants. At the same time, allowing you the discipline to focus on eliminating your debt.

If you are tired of being in debt and want to figure out how to manage your finances with your current income then it’s time for a spending cleanse.

Learn how you can put your needs over wants.

As a former VP of Retail Financial Services & Investments, Bahiyah Shabazz advised individuals how to accomplish financial goals and properly increase revenue through adequate planning. The author’s educational path allows her the expertise she currently uses in publications.

With a psychology and financial background, Bahiyah notices how society recklessly spends money and lacks self-reliance. The outlandish spending derives from lack of financial clarity and not holding oneself accountable, which she believes must be addressed.

This book is exclusive to an eBook format. It’s available on Kindle and other eReaders.  Download your copy today!!!!

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Bahiyah Shabazz is one of the nation’s leading financial experts on the art of maximizing your growth. She's a wealth building expert, author, speaker, financial advocate, magazine and online columnist.

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