Boost Your Saving

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“I Got 5 On It.” It’s time to Boost Your Saving account. Leave the excuses in 2015 and increase our savings in 2016. Take these steps and share with friends & family!

According to a survey from Bankrate, “Roughly half of Americans are saving 5% or less of their incomes, including 18% that are not saving anything.” How much should by be saving? Ideally, we recommend 15%. Will you be able to save 15% of your income overnight? Absolutely not, but you can begin with 5% at a time. This is why Bahiyah Shabazz decided to help give your saving a jump start in 2016.

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This saving campaign will allow you to Boost Your Saving account that will lead to lifetime security. For those who are saving, but not enough, this habit will encourage you to take the steps to add 5% to what you are currently saving.

Currently, one in seven people are saving more than 15%.

Boost Your Saving

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Take the Pledge: I promise to increase my saving contribution by five percent. I will not make excuses or cease my deposit. Today is the first day I invest in myself. I will work to build my community by sharing my efforts with friends and family. 


We hope that you #SupportBlackOwnBusiness. If you want to support an African-American-owned bank, here’s the full list, as of September 2013 (most recently available data):

Name Location Ownership date
Alamerica Bank Birmingham, AL 10/24/02
Commonwealth National Bank Mobile, AL 2/19/76
First Tuskegee Bank Tuskegee, AL 10/12/91
Urban Trust Bank Lake Mary, FL 12/31/88
Capitol City Bank & Trust Co. Atlanta, GA 10/3/94
Carver State Bank Savannah, GA 12/31/59
Citizens Trust Bank Atlanta, GA 12/31/59
Highland Community Bank Chicago, IL 11/5/70
Illinois Service Federal Savings & Loan Assoc. Chicago, IL 12/31/88
Seaway Bank & Trust Co. Chicago, IL 1/2/65
Metro Bank Louisville, KY 2/22/12
Liberty Bank & Trust New Orleans, LA 11/16/72
Advance Bank* Baltimore, MD 12/31/79
Harbor Bank of Maryland Baltimore, MD 9/13/82
OneUnited Bank Boston, MA 8/2/82
First Independence Bank Detroit, MI 5/14/70
City National Bank of New Jersey Newark, NJ 6/11/73
Mechanics & Farmers Bank Durham, NC 12/31/59
United Bank of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA 1/5/93
South Carolina Community Bank Columbia, SC 3/27/99
Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co. Nashville, TN 12/31/59
Tri-State Bank of Memphis Memphis, TN 12/31/59
First State Bank Danville, VA 12/31/59
North Milwaukee State Bank Milwaukee, WI 2/12/71

*Acquired by MECU (a credit union) in October 2013

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