Try a spending cleanse

saving and spending

There are many people who are now trying to get their lives in order. Not just their finances, but health as well. I’ve found that the two actually intertwines. How you take care of your health you can do the same with your money. A cleanse will definitely purge the toxins {mismanagement} from your system.

Each morning, I drink a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemons. My morning begins with mediation and a silent prayer.

Although I’m a vegetarian, I cleanse my system one day per week. The day consists of water, hot tea (absolutely no sugar), and raw vegetables. I understand in order to live a fulfilled life I must learn to take care of myself…holistically.

Again, the same holds true with my finances and it can with yours also.

Just as you fast and cleanse your body, you can cleanse your money management skills.

Schedule one week per month to fast from spending. Those who are familiar with fasting know that you refrain from what is “toxic”.

A spending cleanse means:

You can’t visit a vending machine.

You can’t use your debit or credit card.

You can’t use cash.

So you may ask…. How will I be able to manage for a week without spending money?

Simply, purchase what you need prior to your spending cleanse.

From Sunday to Saturday, you shouldn’t spend any money!!!!

Again, prior to your cleanse week take the time to:

  • Grocery shop that includes a lunch for work & snacks
  • Pay your bills (before the due date)
  • Visit the barber/beauty shop
  • Deposit your children’s lunch money into the school’s meal account
  • Fill up your gas tank
  • Purchase a public transportation(bus, train, parking) pass for the week

The idea of the spending cleanse is to acknowledge (1) how much you actually spend and (2) recognize where your money is going.

As with most cleanse it releases the toxins from your system. The desire to always spend your money will slowly dissipate as you notice you don’t have the need to burn the money in your pocketbook.

After your spending cleanse you will feel confident about yourself and the ability to stick with your goals. Compare the week of the spending cleanse with the prior week and note the difference you saved.

Deposit the difference {amount} in a pouch. This savings reward is the beginning to building a fund for your use in the future to either pay toward debt or vacation.

Just as you schedule to fast with your diet, you should cleanse with your money skills each month.

Happy Savings!!!


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