Weekly Update: Personal Finance, Women and Money

In addition to posting on the Fabulous & Money Savvy™ blog, we write for a Personal Finance: Women & Money column on Examiner. Each week you will receive an update. 

Short term loans are offered to victims of Hurricane Sandy

It’s not until a severe tragedy occurs when people realize they should have saved more than they spend over the years. The storm of Hurricane Sandy has taught many Americans a viable lesson. Although you can’t control Mother Nature, you can control the outlook of your future.

East coast residents are wondering how to put their lives back together from where to purchase gas, finding food that hasn’t expired, receiving income, and locating loved ones.

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Bond funds continue to attract new money

More investors are concerned about the performance of their financial security. Over the past three months, Advisors have noticed an increase in money movement. Investors are withdrawing money from stock mutual funds and placing it into more stable accounts.

Since the occurrence of the financial crisis in 2008, investors are seeking a conservative approach. Now, the state of financial independence is becoming more unpredictable as Europe and other countries are experiencing economic turmoil.

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Coupon use on the first date is boosting

The economy has challenged singles and couples to tighten their spending straps and acknowledge debt elimination. The economic turmoil has also affected the dating scene so much that coupons are introduced as a third party.

According to a recent survey, more Americans think it’s acceptable to use a coupon on the first date.

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Hurricane Sandy close markets once again

Stock markets in the United States will be closed again on Tuesday for the second day without trading.

Hurricanes typically don’t trigger market declines. However, the intensity of Hurricane Sandy’s wind and rain in the New York area caused market operators to stay closed.

After consulting with clients and other exchanges, the NYSE and the NASDAQ stock market separately announced they agreed to close.

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