Bahiyah Shabazz offers a teleseminar that change the lives of women

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

“Smart women know their worth” teleseminar series will help women receive a clear understanding of money, hold themselves accountable and improve both self worth & net worth over 12 months.

Many women are concerned about their future and are stuck in their finances, feel badly about their self worth and don’t have a plan to secure their future. “Smart women know their worth” teleseminar series will help women define their goals with a clear purpose, educate about money, and hold themselves accountable while feeling confident with self.

Before women can move forward they must restore their belief system, finances, awareness, and vision. Bahiyah Shabazz stated, “Women are the educators, consumers and decision makers in most households. Once you teach a woman they are valuable the torch is passed to the next generation; it’s about leaving a legacy.” The series will occur the first Monday of every month for twelve months at 9:00pm EST beginning Oct. 2012.

One subject from the following topics will be chosen each month:

• Confront & overcome the fear of money
• Set clear goals
• Establish financial boundaries
• Pay yourself first
• How to stretch your paycheck
• Save for a rainy day
• Plan for retirement
• Get your children into college
• Stop spending money on your shoes & put it where it matters
• Organize your financial life
• Live a debt free life
• Know your worth

Step by step participants will discover how to meet their goals. The program is designed to discover what’s really important in a person’s life; overcome and eliminate any obstacles that are blocking their dreams, and change their life. Bahiyah Shabazz has given workshops throughout the States that have impacted women to be successful. Many women have expressed their gratitude for participating in a Fabulous & Money Savvy ™ seminar. The registrations for “Smart women know their worth” is now open and available to anyone who is seeking an opportunity to change their life. Please visit our website,, for more information.

Don’t forget to register!!!  Early bird special ends 9/28/12.


Original post in Free Press Release.


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