After landing gold Gabby Douglas wins an endorsement

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

Gabby Douglas has become a household name and image to young girls who dream of becoming an Olympian contender. Who says dreams don’t come true? Certainly not Gabby who left her family two years ago in Virginia to travel to Iowa to train for the Olympics.

Since Douglas explained at times it’s difficult for her to focus she would recite to herself “Focus. Just focus. Believe in yourself.” The daily mantra and practice paid off as she became the first African-American to win an all-around gold medal. In addition to her gold medal in the all-around event, she also won a gold medal along with her teammates in the women’s gymnastics team event.

You won’t be seeing Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas on a box of Wheaties. That’s because Kellogg’s has already swooped in and reached a deal with Douglas to put her picture on a box of Corn Flakes.

The rush to get Douglas signed shows that she will likely be the big endorsement winner out of the London Summer Olympics thanks to her gymnastics all-around victory.

Based on what previous All-Around winners have taken home in endorsements, Douglas could expect to make between $8 million and $12 million over the next four years.

Kellogg’s is not the only company seeking out Douglas. She is expected to make up to $90 million from multiple endorsements. Gabby Douglas is definitely making history.


“Love yourself enough to support yourself.” Bahiyah Shabazz


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