Sesame Street teaches children about money

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

Mr. Johnson (Sesame Street)

Mr. Johnson (Sesame Street) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remember growing up watching Sesame Street while learning to count, read and the importance to socialize with others. Now, Sesame Street has figured a way to continue the learning process with financial responsibility. The best way to teach children is during early education. Today, counting on the show involves more than 1…2…3 it also includes personal finance.

Sesame Street incorporates its lessons in various videos starring Elmo who clearly knows the importance of savings, budgeting and prioritizing.


If you are a parent who doesn’t know where to begin when discussing proper money management with your children these videos are great to incorporate during family time. Watch the videos, let your children repeat what they learn and implement the practices each day.

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“Love yourself enough to support yourself.” BL Shabazz


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  1. Thank you with regard to composing your write-up Sesame Street teaches children about money . I didn’t know these details, and so i could keep that helpful now so i could reference it down the road.

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