Your attitude will dictate your outcome

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” ~Herbert Otto

It’s very easy for someone to complain about their life, finances and business {workplace}. It’s even harder for that person to

stop complaining and move forward. Too often, we decide to dwell on unfortunate circumstances instead of deciding what can be done to improve the outcome.

Have you ever heard someone constantly singing…I’m broke, I don’t ever have any money and my job is horrible? Those are the lyrics to a popular song heard and believed by many.  If you constantly remind yourself that you are without money you tend to believe it.Tulips

Be careful what you constantly think about. You just may become it.

Since it’s the beginning of the week it is the perfect time to change your attitude. Change to make a difference. Change for a brighter outlook. Change to become the person you desire. Change to improve your finances. Change for the ideal workplace.

Yes, changing your attitude is as simple as one thought at a time.

Make the choice to move beyond your potential so that you will never know what excuses are.

You may ask…

How can you move beyond your potential when you don’t know what it is?

The answer to that question lies within you. Think of the last time you were completing a project, in a physical activity, writing a paper, saving money or starting a business. You began with writing down your goals. Only this week you will set CLEAR goals so that it is easier to accomplish.

The last time you were at the finish line, didn’t cross and decided to discontinue your goal. Why? Were you afraid of the outcome? Did you not believe in yourself? Did you talk yourself out of finishing? Whatever your answer it was your attitude.

You have great potential. If you didn’t have potential you would have never initiated the idea.

Those with positive and relentless attitudes decide to move forward with their goals in spite of their current situation. So it is important to begin the process with changing your attitude one thought at a time. Begin with thinking of and accomplishing the smallest task then move to the next.

Again, your attitude {bad or good} will dictate your outcome. When you change your attitude you realize that even if you don’t have enough money today, you will someday. Even if you didn’t find investors for your business idea today you will open the doors of your new building someday.

A positive attitude doesn’t allow anything or anyone including yourself to put a negative spin on your life.

# #

“Love yourself enough to support yourself.”


7 thoughts on “Your attitude will dictate your outcome

  1. Great post!

    I learned a long time ago that if I’m negative my world would be negative. It’s amazing how much people dwell on what they don’t have instead of working on what they need or should have.

  2. Such a great statement – if I focus on the bad I bring it to me…If I focus on the good I will bring that – we have to be mindful – thank you for the reminder…I needed it today.

  3. Thanks, Bahiyah, Our mindset is truly our primary driver. I am passionate about the concept of “designing your business, life, etc.” The act of “designing” enables us to take control of our situation from random influences. We may still be bumped by unexpected events, but our course is clear and we can right the ship.

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