5 thoughts on “Teach your children the value of money

  1. Great tips. I especially like the first and last ones. Lead by example is what it boils down to in everything we do with and for our children.

    I wonder why most parents teach their kids about everything BUT money???

    • That’s a great question. Simple, you can’t teach what you don’t know and when you are afraid of something you tend not to disclose it to others.

      It’s time our society face its fear of money!

      • I teach personal finance and I am shocked at the number of students who have never been told to save money.

        You are so right about facing our fear because money is what controls our society. You control it or it controls you.

        Thanks for spreading the word. Love your blog. It is a much needed source of information.

      • I love that you are teaching personal finance. I’ve learned that since {some} parents aren’t teaching at home we must educate our youth about proper money management. The malicious cycle must stop.

        I’m truly grateful for you stopping by and posting thoughtful comments. You are much appreciated.

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