Life is what you make it

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

“The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.” ~ Horace Bushnell

It’s easier for a person to sit back and complain about their life, encounters, peers and self. It’s even harder to change your environment for a brighter outlook of your future.  Most aren’t familiar with the latter.

When you realize that each circumstance is a block that builds a sound foundation and a beautiful house, you will look at things differently.  At times, people look at others to wish for their lifestyle and Blessings.  When in fact, you have no idea that the same person you are admiring has gone through a storm.  The only outcome you see is the rainbow.

English: Esther photo w/painting

There was a couple who desired to have children.  After months of blissful matrimony the husband felt that it was time they started a family. Unbeknownst to him, the lovely bride couldn’t bear children due to a molestation and rape at a young age.  Instead of initially disclosing the abuse to her husband she just enjoyed the process of making a baby. 
After years of trying and he feeling frustrated, she began to tell her husband about her condition. Instead of feeling sorry or angry with his wife for not disclosing the details before their marriage he consoled her with love and endearment.
They began the adoption process and soon were proud parents of three children. It seemed that the adoption agency didn’t want to split up the family.
Fast forward six years later…
The wife, now mother, was at the mall shopping with her children when she ran into a childhood school friend. They began to reminiscence about old times and how much they missed “the good old days”. The childhood friend began to express how she was envious of how well the woman’s life turned out. She went on to say…”I wish I had your lifestyle, beautiful children, loving husband and career”.  It seemed that the childhood friend had bad luck after bad luck in her life.
The woman went on to say that she too had bad encounters through life, but decided not to dwell on the mishaps. She didn’t wish harm on anyone including herself, but if it wasn’t for her past she couldn’t appreciate her present and future to come. The childhood friend was astonished with her story and began to cry. She then felt embarrassed about her discomfort and shame.

See, you can either cry and complain or smile and rejoice about your life. How you choose to react is how you will conclude.  Everyone has a story it’s up to you to draw your own conclusion.  Let’s hope that you strive for a happy ending.

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“Love yourself enough to support yourself.”


5 thoughts on “Life is what you make it

  1. You never know the entire story about a person. That’s why I choose to admire instead of be jealous or envious of a person.

  2. We need to stop comparing ourselves with others. As Keisha says, congratulate someone for their success without being envious of them. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for your success as well.

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