Small businesses are adding jobs

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

As the job market seems dreadful to most, small businesses are adding to the market. If you were wondering where or how you were going to receive your next paycheck…have no fear, small businesses are near. It seems that the U.S. economy is pulling itself up by the bootstraps of businesses other than Corporate America.

.jobs -- Cut To The Chase

Isn’t it ironic that the same people who were eliminated from their jobs are the ones creating new ones for others?

Small businesses with under 20 workers have slowly been adding jobs since 2009, according to Intuit’s payroll data. “But these new jobs are primarily at the low-end,” said Susan Woodward, an economist with Sand Hill Econometrics who consults for Intuit. “They are hourly, low-wage jobs.”

These hiring trends are consistent with what’s happening with the broader economy, Woodward said.

“What we’re hearing is that the economy is getting better, but slowly,” she said.

Although the wages are low, it’s a beginning.  As most have heard growing up, “Something is better than nothing”.

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