Holiday shopping in dollar stores

By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

Decor - Tokuya Japanese Variety Store

After years without a job, underemployment and living with one family member to the next, some consumers are Holiday shopping for the first time in years.

Who said money can not buy you happiness? If you were to see the expressions of children, the answer would be anyone can buy happiness.

Just take a look at the many dollar stores that are popping up in your neighborhood. There was a time when dollar stores were looked upon as second-hand stores with items no one cared to purchase. Today, dollar stores carry everything from household supplies to grocery.  It makes life so much simpler for those who are watching their change.

Dollar stores have evolved into a go-to spot for holiday shoppers on a tight budget or trying to get move value for their money.  In contrast with the often dingy spaces they once occupied, many have undergone renovations and are stocked with a bounty of Christmas trees, wrapping paper, toys and inexpensive electronics for the holiday season.  Some even carry steaks.

With the job market and economy still unsettled, dollar stores are predicted to perform robustly as shoppers of all incomes flock there to pick up cheap decor and presents.

Dollar stores, will typically offer items for $1.00, at times you will see occasional items from $5.00 to $10.00.  All considering, it’s possible for many households to have a happy year when visiting a dollar store.  The dollar store is not only for those below the poverty level. Many have found that it is a way to make ends meet while budgeting to fill financial obligations.

The biggest growth driver for dollar stores are shoppers earning more than $100,000, who have increasingly turned to the stores to household necessities.

The best way to handle your finances is one step at a time. Consumers are finding ways to stretch a dollar, uphold their heads and have a happy household.

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“Love yourself enough to support yourself”


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