Signs your partner is bad with money

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By Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

Have you ever wondered why you’re broke by Monday and there are two incomes in the household?  You’re not the only person with this question.  Many times one person is a saver while the other is a spender.  Believe me when I say that a Tiger doesn’t wait to show his stripes.  The signs were there all along, but you decided to avoid them.  In the beginning, the attention, small gifts and spontaneous meals are cute.  Now, it’s annoying because you can’t make ends meet.

Consider the signs when deciding if s/he is bad with money.

1. Your spouse wants to eat out all the time

Unless you’re a millionaire or eating on the company’s dime you can’t afford to eat out everyday.  Besides, the idea of a home cooked meal is inviting and not to mention affordably healthy.  When you calculate $25 X 365 days = $9,125 per year. Wow!!! That’s a lot of greens {no pun intended}.

2. Your spouse worries about the bills the day it’s due

Whatever happened to a budget?  It’s right out the door! When you find your man or woman spending the entire paycheck the day it’s cashed on wants then there’s a problem.

3. Your spouse plans a trip without preparation

No, it doesn’t take years to plan the ideal vacation, but it could take a few months.  A responsible person will give himself time to research the more economical package and budget for spending money if it isn’t all-inclusive.  The last this you want is to take off for a vacation and not have any money while on the trip and when you return to pay bills.

4. Your spouse presents a nothing-but-the-best attitude

Yes, when you’re in love and adore someone you want to give them the world, but at whose expense? The small gifts add up especially when you charge the gifts to {buy now, pay later} on your credit cards.

It’s possible that your spouse is “hood rich” and both of you are paying the consequences.  It’s important to make sure you communicate weekly, indicate common financial goals(s), hold one another accountable and remain positive.

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