Secrets of financial infidelity

Secrets can either strengthen or break a relationship.  Either way, many couples are engaging in financial infidelity where someone hides his or her purchases.  We’ve met some women who go to the extent of putting bags in the trunk of the vehicle, pantry and homes of others. If you have to play James Bond with your packages, is it worth the purchase?

Ask yourself…

Why am I spending so much?

Do the items validate me as a person?

Is it a certain persona that I must uphold?

Am I defined by my material possessions?

These are valid questions to ask yourself and answer your spouse once you get caught.  Unless you truly live separately when it comes to finances it’s important to disclose to your spouse what you’re doing.  This will allow him or her to make a decision if he or she wants to stay.

2 thoughts on “Secrets of financial infidelity

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