Don’t break the bank when you want money

Saving takes discipline and sacrifice.  It’s takes more energy to keep your eyes on the prize than to look at the price tag to see how much an item costs.  Create your savings plan and establish a support team with common goals.

Times will get rough as it normally does and temptation will knock at your door.  Don’t answer the knock!!! While your non supportive “friends” will probably think you’re crazy for turning down sales, eating at home and catching movies on the premium channel, you have a goal to attain.

In the end, it’s worth it.

“Love yourself enough to support yourself.”

Property of SMG, LLC

Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA


5 thoughts on “Don’t break the bank when you want money

  1. Very good points. I think the key take away that you mentioned is equating savings to discipline. Most people seem to miss that. When you are trying to save you have remember this is a disciplined behavior that you are not so much trying to regulate your money but rather you are regulating you! Understanding your relationship with money is critical! Great article.

    • Jamar, Thanks for reading. You hit it right on the head “understanding your relationship with money is critical”. Many people don’t realize that along with knowing… discipline and sacrifice. Thanks!

      • Indeed. I look forward to more interesting and thought provoking articles. I will be sure to tweet them as well. We need to promote good substantive information like this. People need help!

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