Is time on your side?

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Before I discuss the strategy (Fixed Annuity) of investing in a fund without losing your principal. For those of you who have 10+ years (long-term) to play in the market you may want to consider purchasing funds while they are “on sale”. However, there areΒ rules.

This is a great opportunity to purchase a home and buy mutual funds.

Consider the market is on sale. Homeowners are desperate to sell, which means the ball is in your court. Negotiation! Negotiation! It’s also a prime opportunity to refinance your home for a lower rate and reserve your equity. I suggest that you DO NOT to include the equity in your refinance. Only refinance your existing balance. Don’t take out the equity!

Remember, it’s establishing too much credit and not enough collateral that got the economy into this economic situation to begin. Feel comfortable and safe knowing that you have equity established and you are managing your household wisely.

“Love yourself enough to support yourself. ”

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Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

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