Your Lack Of Enthusiasm Is Reflected In Your Work

Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

Have you ever wondered why your competition is producing more business than you are? It may come to no surprise once you hear what your customers are saying about you.  Inadequate customer service and “lazy” work will tell the story each and every time.

The desire to run a successful business rest on the shoulders of how others perceive your work.  Even then, you must continue to excel in order to attract more clients.  What are you going to throw in extra? Clients want to know that they are getting a bang for their buck.

Reliability and integrity are keys to a lasting, successful relationship with your clients.  If you convey to them business hours, time of delivery or product results that’s exactly what they are looking for.  It’s up to you (owner) to make it happen.

“The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”…so if your staff lack knowledge and aren’t courteous then others expect the same from you.  Remember, no one is going to patronize a company where they don’t feel welcomed.

I visited a shop where the owner didn’t perform any of the tasks I requested.  Every reply was followed by an excuse.  After waiting three weeks longer for the product, it was once again incorrect.  She had to pay for the corrections, delivery and her lack of concern…I will never return again.

Perform with a sense of urgency and organization.  Time is of the essence, which means neither you nor your clients have time to waste.  Be punctual by scheduling your appointments with a calendar and not memory; learn everyone’s name for personal greeting and respond quickly.

“Love Yourself Enough To Support Yourself.”

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