Willing To Save Money

Reported by Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA

As the election wraps up its tally and households discuss the outcome…many are still dazed about their future.  We don’t know what is to come or have control of the voting process of the House.  But we do have control over our personal finances.

Now is not the time the break the bank.  Instead, now more than ever, we should find multiple ways to save every penny possible.  What are you willing to sacrifice to make sure your family will be able to survive during a financial crisis or even enjoy retirement?

  • Eat more meals at home
  • Vacation less
  • Fewer trips to the Beauty/Barber Salon
  • Sponsor a yard sell
  • Shop with coupons
  • Carpool
  • Potluck gatherings

I’m sure as you browse the list there are many suggestions you can add to make your household run efficiently when it comes to paying bills and saving money.

“Love Yourself Enough To Support Yourself.”

Property of SMG, LLC

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