12 Steps to remain humble as a new entrepreneur


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Most people often wonder what it is like to quit a job, set up a business and work for self. At the age of 27 that’s exactly what I did. I started a remote digital online freelance writing service, Patrice Scribes For You.

It all began while writing blogs online on a popular website. I then realized this was something I wanted and loved to do. I became passionate, dedicated and keen to the craft of writing.

The desire to write has been a dream of mine. I recall working at a British Energy Company; then I walked around with a full notepad and a pen taking notes of everything that came to mind. Colleagues would constantly tease about how much detailed writing, research and description, pertaining to the work I did in the office. The notepad always accompanied me and I guarded it with my life. Now that I look back on my behavior it was because writing was MY LIFE.

My colleagues constant comments provoked me to think even more about writing seriously. They had no idea that I was motived to turn my passion for writing into a career.

With careful consideration I set out to achieve my goal.

I searched for expert advice, looked at other small businesses to see how to conduct operations and run a successful company. I noticed many companies had a company website, which was why I started a business website.

The process was not difficult. First, I used a popular free website design to create the website, chose the content and template. Simple. Second, I spent days on editing and designing the website to my satisfaction. Last, I made the decision to launch. There was no turning back.

The second step to launching the business was a search for business card companies. The search consisted of comparing prices and designs.

After designing and purchase of business cards, I then created online accounts by means of business and social networks. Needless to say, things were slowly coming together.

Like many entrepreneurs starting out in the business world, I was establishing and implementing a plan alone with limited financial resources.

During this time, I started to contact different companies through email, google, social media and networking to collaborate as a freelance writer. You name it, I hit the pavement to try and spark up clientele.

The process was rough because being a new small business startup with not much following was hard to get anyone to notice, especially big companies.

Then there was a strike of a luck when I contacted one fantastic online magazine, who gave me an opportunity. This was my chance to get my foot in the door as a freelance writer to contribute articles for its magazine. The editor was so helpful and supportive. I didn’t come to them as my small business company, but was given a chance anyway.

Since I was nervous and timid to market myself as a representative of my company, I wanted to test the waters. I put the feelers out to see what sort of response my work could get with companies of interest.

The online magazine liked my work and even asked for me to write as a staff writer, which was a pleasant surprise.

I had to let that sink in and again research what the term ”Staff writer” was and what was involved. 

Given working a startup small business owner, I caught myself researching, researching, researching. I research about the taxes, legalities, formalities, procedures and etc. It then dawned on me that since my first writing assignment was contributed, in time I will receive requests from clients who will want quotes of my services and safe payment methods.

Currently, here I am. Researching, learning and moving forward with my small business.

It is vital that before we jump the gun or run before we can walk, that we make sure to do the following to remain humble.

  1. Be dedicated
  2. Be Knowledgeable
  3. Be sure it’s what you want to do and that this is your dream
  4. Be sure you can afford to set up a business
  5. Research! Find out who or what offers free services and marketing platforms
  6. Seek advice
  7. Believe and have faith in yourself and your craft
  8. Remember it’s not going to be easy nor immediately make a profit
  9. Be Realistic
  10. Have a backup plan
  11. GO FOR IT
  12. Live your DREAM

As I travel through my personal journey of entrepreneurship, I will continue to practice the twelve steps to remain humble. I strongly suggest you do the same.  

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” Norman Vincent Peale



About Patrice White 3 Articles
Patrice White is a British writer embarking on career change after being a full time caregiver. She enjoys writing creative children stories about loss & grief while sharing her personal journey, sci-fi and entrepreneurship. She is the Women Entrepreneurship Contributor for FMS Magazine.

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